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ABL Perfume

ABL Perfume
ABL PerfumeABL PerfumeABL Perfume
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hand polishing glass bottle, high quality perfume, OEM perfume


Item No.: GP 1013

Volume: 50ml

Material: Crystal alike glass

Processing: Polished by hand

Dimension (without cap): 60mm*38mm*88.5mm

Dimension (with cap): 60mm*38mm*123mm

Bottle weight: 215g

Cap weight: 45g

Color: Transparent


About Product:

·Both the bottles and the caps are made of crystal material.

·Their transparency and heaviness are much better than the common glass bottles.

·The surface treatment technology of these crystal bottles is complex and the workmen-ship is exquisite.

·All the post-processing is done by hand.